Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Customer profile:
  • The largest gas transportation system operator in the world
  • Total pipeline length - over 27700 kilometers
Project Goal:

Deploy centralized on-prem OT/ICS security monitoring system.

Key facts:
  • 1500 km of links
  • Low bandwidth WAN links
  • 200 CL DATAPK units
  • 20+ different ICS per branch
  • Improved incident investigation time by having total OT asset visibility and event
  • Automated compliance status control routines switching teams to actual
    investigation and tasks
Oil & Gas
Customer profile:
  • Large natural gas extraction and processing Company
  • Future and innovation centric – 100% of the raw gas is processed
Project Goal:

Perform OT audit and deploy turnkey security solution for OT/ICS segments.

Key facts:
  • Large number of small isolated sites
  • Uneven traffic distribution
  • 40 CL DATAPK units
  • 5 major security vendors integrated
  • Internal Security Operations Center
  • Deployed a comprehensive security solution (segmentation, monitoring and
    incident management) minimizing cybersecurity risks
  • Streamlined Security Operations with centralized event monitoring and
    processing diminishing average OT incident investigation time
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